First of May

Avant L'Aube wish I could feel the sky like bird does. On this crossroad
there is Lunar Semaphore, my Pocket is Full Of Change but my hands are tired,
Lichterloh. While The Cold Winter Waiting no one Wait For Me. At the end of
the day contrast of Sorrow and its Opposite Lift me up and down,
sun set highway. No more Lügen, Lügen, Lügen …

To all real workers of today, man and women. First of May is more then yours.

Note: This time without track list, for more music experience...

Spring Rain

experimental ambient noise soundscape for one season

1. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Avaol (2:51)
2. Lusine Icl - Without standing (7:01)
3. Robert Fripp - Returning 1 (3:53)
4. Maps And Diagrams - Tauragnas (2:12)
5. Sonic Youth - Campfire (2:19)
6. IJO - Anastasias Forest (6:09)
7. Intrusion - Twilight (5:46)
8. Kiln - Drala (2:30)
9. Offthesky - Still Moving Star (Original Mix) (9:36)
10. Tim Hecker - Harmony in Blue III (2:41)
11. Kiln - Universalfemalebreathchoir (4:57)
12. Bvdub - It's Too Late (10:02)
13. Fennesz - Vacuum (3:58)
14. Christian Fennesz-Ryuichi Sakamoto - Haru (4:39)

Thanks to all the artists, without them this mix would be total silence,
and to Headphone Commute for sharing with other listeners.
The tracks are mixed without any previous preparation-selection,
everything is done in one breath in a spring afternoon of 2010.

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